About us

[ x - ta- c ] 
1.        Intense vibes
2.        Overpowering spirits of elation 
Carnival Xtascy is an all inclusive mas band out of Grenada’s Carnival- Spice Mas. Endorsed by Freaks Mas (NY and Miami) and Non Stop Feterz (Grenada). Carnival Xtascy was created by a group of Grenadian carnival enthusiasts, who are based locally and regionally in the US. Xtascy has set  out to promote the continuity and growth of Grenada’s biggest cultural festival by launching a colorful, energetic, and vibes filled carnival mas band. 
Xtascy is inspired by the intense carnival spirit of elation and bliss. In Grenada the carnival is heavily influenced by the Jab Jab, Xtascy has created a formula to revolutionize the duty mas into fancy mas with the same vibes and the same energy. 
Team Xtascy 
Team Xtascy is a movement of individuals in Grenada and abroad that are elite party starters. They bring fun and celebration to every day lives, carrying vibes any where they go.Their goal is to exhibit and develop the culture of Grenada through fancy mas. 
The Rise of An Empire
Xtascy makes its debut into Spicemas 2017 presenting, the Rise of an Empire. The empire of designers, section leaders, masqueraders, dj’s, and artists of Xtascy will take the road as their throne. Bringing more pace to the relaxed and free atmosphere of Grenada, so masqueraders can continue to  enjoy the carnival at an exciting momentum taking you through motions of bliss.


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